In the year the Smartphone war has just Begun & it looking to break the records of 2012. What a blasting previous year for the smartphones. And now it looks like it is looking to upgrade the level of war between smartphones. Whether the user can use the Smartphone with all its features that are available in it or not. He/She will prefer to buy the Smartphone anyway. This proves the demand of Smartphones in the mobile market. SMARTPHONE WAR IN modest wedding dresses INDIA
India has more than 900million mobile phone connections. While 178million mobile phone were sold in 2012. From this counting 15.4million were the Smartphones & leaving the ground open for an explosion in Smartphones as users go beyond the entry level handsets. The craze is so increased that even the school going students demands the smartphone. But sometimes the smartphone helps them in their study 3/ 4-Length Sleeves Tulle With Pattern Bridal Wedding Jacket/ Wrap also. WHAT INDUSTRIES ARE TALKING ABOUT SMARTPHONE WAR? brides maids dresses Industry research firm IDC expecting 70% jump in the sales growth of smartphones in India. "The Price difference between a low end smartphone & a feature phone has narrowed to the dresses evening extent that for an extra thousand bridal gowns rupees a customer feels it is better to opt for a Smartphone" Said by Manasi Yadav, senior market analyst at IDC.
Rajan Anandan who is the Vice President & Managing Director of Google Inc, about an year ago had remarked that very cheap smartphone coupled with very cheap data plans could make country's market to explode. Such forecasts are now coming true. Over the last 12 months smartphones that runs on Google Android Operating system(which has dramatically lowered the manufacturing costs) have stormed the mobile market.
Nokia, once the undisputed market leader in handsets also made a comeback effort last year when it teamed up with Microsoft to offer Windows-based smartphones. Both Apple & Blackberry that appeared to have lost ground in India as sales dipped have woken up to India's booming smartphone market. While Apple has now jumped up its distribution business by making attractive offers such as easy installments to but iPhones, the Canadian Blackberry launched Blackberry 10 with BB10 a couple of days ago.
Samsung believes in flooding the market with an array of smartphone choices for the customer. This is working in their favour. Be it global biggies such as Nokia, Sony, LG & HTC or the humble upstart brands such as Micromax, Lava, Spice & Karbonn, all have chalked out aggressive expansion plans. The year 2013 will be exciting.
Google's Android Operating system clearly emerged as the leader in Operating system
Nokia teamed up with Microsoft launch Windows based smartphones
Blackberry has launched its new refurbished BB10 Operating system.
Nokia is betting on its marriage with Windows & the offspring they produced Lumia.
Apple has begun offering easy distribution options for its iPhone to Indian customers.
Global firms such as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC have plans to launch Bridal_Crown_With_Rhinestones_TB210028 an array of Android based smartphones in 2013.
ANNUAL HANDSETS Ladies' Wedding Necklace And Earrings Set-TB104960 SALES 2011 Jan-Dec 2012 Jan-Dec Growth Mobile Phones 165Millions 178Millions 7.9% Smartphones 15.4 7.8 98%
MARKET SHARES FOR JULY-SEPT Mobile Brand 2011 2012 Samsung(Galaxy Series) 26% 46% Nokia 35% 13% Sony 6% 9% Blackberry 12% 4% Apple iPhone 3% 1.4% HTC 11% 6.6% Others 7% 21%
MARKET SHARE BY OPERATING high street bridesmaid dresses SYSTEM Operating System 2011 2012 Android 42% 79.3% Symbian 35% 8.6% Windows NA 4.1% Blackberry 12% 4% iOS 3% 1.4%
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